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We are thrilled to announce an exceptional opportunity for professionals in nutrition, food science and technology, hosted at The Richardson Centre for Food Technology and Research in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This inaugural North American training workshop is a collaborative effort between the University of Manitoba, The Manitoba Strategic Research Chair in Sustainable Protein, and Agroscope Switzerland, CSIC Spain, Teagasc Ireland, and INRAE.

This workshop centers on the INFOGEST 2.0 digestion protocol, a globally recognized method for simulating the human gastrointestinal process and evaluating food digestion. While the focus of the workshop will be on digestion and measurement protocols for protein and amino acids*, you will also gain knowledge on the foundations of the digestion protocol. This workshop presents a valuable opportunity for growth and learning in the field.

*Sousa, Raquel, et al. “In vitro digestibility of dietary proteins and in vitro DIAAS analytical workflow based on the INFOGEST static protocol and its validation with in vivo data.” Food Chemistry 404 (2023): 134720.

This workshop will be led by top trainers from the European Union, who have substantial experience with establishing and training around the INFOGEST Model, including Isidra Recio, Charlotte Egger, Reto Portmann, Andre Brodkorb, and Raquel Sousa.  Participants will benefit from both theoretical instruction and practical training provided by these trainers. Additionally, there will be chances to discuss further research topics with them. For more information about INFOGEST, please visit the link here.

●  Date: July 9-12, 2024

●  Time: 8:00am-4pm each day

●  Location: Richardson Centre for Food Technology and Research, 196 Innovation Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Focus: Hands-on training on the INFOGEST 2.0 digestion protocol and workflow, emphasizing protein quality and digestibility measurement for protein content claims
  • Format: A blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, culminating in a hands-on session under expert supervisionThis workshop is a must-attend for those looking to deepen their understanding of the INFOGEST model and its application in food technology. It’s a rare chance to gain practical experience and insights directly from the experts.
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Registration and Application – NOW CLOSED

What’s Included

Participants will need to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses

There is no charge for attending the workshop

The workshop includes complimentary breakfast and lunch

Attendees are responsible for their own dinner expenses each day

For any further information or queries, please feel free to reach out to us at

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your expertise and network with fellow professionals in the field. We look forward to welcoming you to an enriching and interactive learning experience.

Note: In the unlikely event that the workshop needs to be postponed, we cannot accept responsibility for any expenses resulting from trip cancellations. 

Warm regards,

James D. House

Manitoba Strategic Research Chair in Sustainable Protein

INFOGEST Training Workshop Team