Research Themes in Sustainable Protein

Research interests

  • Protein quality:  Understanding the environmental, genetic, and processing factors that impact amino acid content and digestibility of protein in whole foods, and food and feed ingredients
  • Nutritional regulation of sulphur amino acid metabolism:  Studying the factors that regulate the metabolism of the sulphur amino acids, methionine and cysteine, and their metabolites in various animal models and in human studies
  • Sustainable egg production:  Understanding dietary and other management factors that influence the nutritional properties of table eggs, and the health and welfare of pullets and laying hens

Current research projects

  • Nutritional regulation of sulphur amino acid metabolism:  Funded by NSERC Discovery Program
  • Environmental, genetic and processing factors influencing the protein quality of legumes (soybeans, pulses) and oilseed meals:  Multi-sectoral collaborations, funded by Genome Canada, Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers Association, Western Grains Research Foundation, University of Saskatchewan, and industry partners
  • Impact of omega-3 fatty acid intake on health of pullets and laying hens:  Funded by NSERC, Egg Farmers of Canada, and Manitoba Egg Farmers