The Manitoba Protein Research Strategy was led by the University of Manitoba under the supervision of Dr. James D. House.

Industry, academia, government and non-profits are working together to strengthen Manitoba’s position as a global leader in sustainable protein. Collectively, these stakeholders developed the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy – a comprehensive action plan to accelerate strategic sustainable protein initiatives. This strategy highlights the need for robust work on knowledge and information generation – one of the key pillars in the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy. Manitoba has a robust research ecosystem, and with strategic direction and targeted resources, the province can advance its position as a leader in sustainable protein innovation.
The Manitoba Protein Research Strategy (MPRS) was developed to help advance Manitoba’s Protein Advantage, and serves as a work plan for the Strategic Research Chair in Sustainable Protein.
The MPRS identifies priority research gaps and their connections to the four factors of sustainability: health, environment, sociocultural, and economic.

The MPRS highlights 46 strategic research projects under four main themes:


1. Climate resiliency of sustainable protein food systems

2. Novel sustainable protein product development and processing

3. Digital agriculture to enable sustainable food systems

4. Waste, water, by-product and co-product utilization