Sa, Amanda Gomes Almeida

3M Post-doctoral Competition
September 22, 2023

Protein quality and functional properties of canola seed meals

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My project evaluates how green processing methods for extraction of canola seed oil, such as supercritical fluid and cold-pressed extractions, can impact the nutritional quality and the functional properties of an important industry by-product, the canola seed meal, focusing on protein digestibility, amino acid score, foaming, and emulsifying capacity and stability. Results show that green methods can help improve meal utilization by increasing or maintaining the functional properties and protein quality of the meal, while decreasing environmental impacts. Future works can be focused on the opportunities of different techniques of protein extraction from the canola seed meal, turning into a protein concentrate or isolate with promising applications in the food industry.

Amanda Gomes Almeida Sa
Jiayi Chen

Impact of high hydrostatic pressure on anti-nutritional factors and in vitro protein quality of yellow peas, and their related products

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I’m Jiayi Chen, a Master’s student of food science starting from January 2021 to April 2024 (Expected). My project focuses on examining the effects of different processing treatments, including both thermal, and non-thermal treatments (i.e., boiling, autoclaving, micronization, baking and high-hydrostatic pressure) on the anti-nutritional factors, reactive lysine and in vitro protein quality (i.e., amino acid score, in vitro digestibility, and IV-PDCAAS) in yellow pea seed, yellow pea protein concentrate, and yellow pea protein isolates. This research is intended to overcome the constraints posed by anti-nutritional factors, aiming to enhance the utilization of pea proteins and promote the adoption of sustainable plant-based protein ingredients.

Award in 2023:

Jiayi Chen, Véronique Perreault, Jason Neufeld, Adam Franczyk, Nguyen Thao Bui, Pankaj Bhowmik, Alain Doyen and James House (November 01, 2023). “Impact of high hydrostatic pressure on anti-nutritional factors and in vitro protein quality of yellow peas, and their related products” (Poster). Food Technology and Research Day at the RCFTR. Winnipeg, MB, Canada. 1st Place Winner.

Li, Shengnan

University of Manitoba


Event details:

“Faculty of Graduate Studies Research Completion Scholarship”- April 2023

“University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF)”- May 2023

“University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association (UMGSA) Conference Grant”- August 2023


Shengnan Li